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  • Community Market Member Benefits and Services

    The following services and benefits were provided in recent years. Depending on funding, services may be modified in future years.
      • Assist each community with recruiting growers to meet your community’s specific needs.
      • The Council has created a consistent, recognizable brand for promotional and advertising materials.
      • Council provided regional and local advertising for the markets in the Council.
      • Update, print and distribute market schedules listing all participating markets’ locations, dates, times and phone contact in a 4-color brochure.
      • Redesigned website for NJCFC. Providing links to your community farmers’ market and farmers.
      • The Council has applied for and received various grants. We are passing these through to our members in the form of funds to do your own marketing and promotion, as you see fit. Receive up to 50% of your expenses for promotional materials which include the logos of “Jersey Fresh” and “NJCFC” but not to exceed $500.00.
      • Assist your on-site market manager in the resolution of any problems you may encounter (local business opposition, health department regulations, grower complaints, problems with growers)
      • Education about New Jersey produce (seasons, varieties, and growing requirements).
      • Provide grower’s crop plans which help market managers more easily verify crops at their market.
      • Support and monitor the farm inspection program, including timely inspection reports of your farmers which will enable you to run your market more smoothly.
      • Continue the market inspection program by having our inspector visit each market at least once per season.