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  • Morristown Farmers Market

    Morristown Farmers Market Celebrates Jersey Fresh Season with Local Farm Produce

    Morristown NJ - Farmers Market
    Morristown, NJ – Farmers Market

    The Morristown Farmers Market is one of Northern New Jersey’s premier farmers markets.

    The Morristown Farmers Market is located in the Morristown Parking Authority Lot 10J, at Spring and Morris Streets in Morristown NJ, behind the Morristown Post Office. The market is open from mid-June to mid-November, every Sunday from 8:30 am until 1:00 pm.

    For more information about the Morristown farmers Market visit https://jerseyfarmersmarket.com/morristown.

    The Morristown Farmers Market takes great pride in supporting local businesses and fostering a resilient community. It can be considered a haven for food enthusiasts seeking the finest Jersey Fresh products. With a wide range of fruits and vegetables on display, shoppers have an abundance of options. From common everyday shopping-cart items to more exotic selections, as well as organically grown produce, the market offers something for every discerning palate.

    The Morristown Farmers market is a member of the New Jersey Council of Farmers & Communities (NJCFC). At the heart of the Morristown Farmers Market is the commitment to promoting sustainable food systems and reducing the carbon footprint. The market stands as a testament to the importance of supporting local businesses and building a resilient community.

    “Jersey Fresh is not just a label; it embodies the essence of local pride and dedication to excellence in farming. Our markets offers a direct connection between consumers and farmers, fostering a deeper appreciation for the hard work and passion that goes into each harvest,” says Joseph Mikulewicz, President of NJCFC.

    Beyond a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, the Morristown Farmers Market presents a diverse array of locally sourced products. From artisanal cheeses and fresh-caught fish to free-range eggs, handcrafted spirits, vegan specialty items, and wild mushrooms, the market offers a true culinary adventure.

    The Morristown Farmers Market is more than just a shopping destination; it is a vibrant community gathering where residents and visitors come together to experience the authentic flavors of New Jersey. The market’s welcoming ambiance, combined with live music and children’s activities (weather permitting), creates an enjoyable experience for all ages.

    For additional information and updates on the Morristown Farmers Market, please visit https://jerseyfarmersmarket.com/morristown.